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Beautiful and Elegant Zocalo furniture for your home

July 17, 2019


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Zocalo is handcrafted furniture that can be easily fit with any home decor. Zocalo provides a combination of style, value and quality. Zocalo furniture helps you to furnish and create a home in your own way. Each piece is created with exclusive designs and style and always offers something new to furnish your home.

People prefer to have Zocalo furniture for their home due to its unique collection. Every product of Zocalo collection represents true quality and craftsmanship. The exclusive Zocalo design compliments your living, sleeping or dining space.

Whether looking for modern, traditional or contemporary style, an innovative Zocalo bedroom range and Zocalo dining range simply fits your lifestyle. You can purchase occasional and accent pieces from the wide collection of dining room and bedroom furniture.

Zocalo Bedroom range

The right bedroom furniture reflects individual style and provide comfortable break after the whole day work. The beautifully created Zocalo bedroom range adds warmth and cozy feel to your room. If you are searching for exclusively designed bedroom furniture, then strong and simple style Zocalo bedroom collection is the ideal choice. These include wardrobes, drawer chests, bedsteads, bedside tables. You can give your bedroom a wonderful and calm atmosphere with the right selection of Zocalo bedroom range as per your need and room interior.

Montana bedroom range by Zocalo

Make your home attractive, elegant and comfortable with bold and strong Zocalo Montana bedroom range furniture. It is created from solid oak and oak veneers and gives natural look. The hand finished bedroom collection ensures to enhance your room decor.

Seville bedroom range by Zocalo

The simple and stylish Zocalo Seville bedroom range gives pleased atmosphere in your bedroom. The Seville bedroom furniture collection from Zocalo is deal for your contemporary home setting. Each piece gives quality and long lasting appeal with curved arches and dovetail joints.

Zocalo Dining Range

A variety of Zocalo dining range offer style, quality and value for money. Whether modern or contemporary, each piece looks amazing and elegant in your dining area. Dining room sets designed by Zocalo gives natural appeal with dark or light finish. These include dining tables, dining chairs, console tables, coffee tables. Classic style of Zocalo dining range with a touch of modernity creates a special harmony in your house.

Hartford Natural dining range by Zocalo

Zocalo Hartford natural dining collection is created from a combination of solid ash and oak with selected veneer. Hartford dining range from Zocalo furniture is available in two different lacquered finishes. Both natural and rustic compliment your contemporary or traditional home.

New Haven dining range by Zocalo

This Zocalo dining range is handcrafted with beautiful ash, ash veneer and painted in ivory. The light color Zocalo New Haven dining range suits well with any home interior and give enjoyable dining experience. The range combines the natural beauty to the contemporary designs.

Give your home a unique and elegant look with remarkable Zocalo furniture at Fornisca. Our exclusive collection of Zocalo dining and bedroom furniture gives you an affordable shopping experience. Our online furniture store helps you to get innovative and stylish piece for every room. Our main aim is to provide great selection of, furniture for your entire home with superior customer service.

How to understand Wood Slabs properly

July 17, 2019


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Wood slabs can come in two forms, live edge slabs and straight edge slabs. Arising as part of the Arts and Crafts movement in America, live edge wood made its entrance with a bang between the 1880s and the 1910s. The trend of incorporating live edge wood products into interior décor was also vigorous in Japan during the 1940s. Straight edge wood is cut on rough and live-edge stock boards for certain furniture schemes that require smoothly cut and straight edge along the sides.

1. What do “live edge” and “straight edge” mean?

According to wood artisans, “live edge”, also known as “natural edge”, refers to the tree’s living part, in other words, the outer rings. The two terms can be used interchangeably. The formation of the natural edge results in the cutting of log into slabs and leaving bark, holes, gnarled pieces with knots, and curved spaces within a piece, which reveals the natural edge of the tree.
Working with a live edge requires a respect for the wood as a living entity, which is a principle our woodworkers keep close to heart. A natural edge slab that exposes its natural form and has a certain functionality is a fruitful idea-generating process to each design. Trees are Mother Nature’s spectacular architect in a fact that each tree is uniquely engineered by her, requiring every one of our cuts to be made, conscious of its uniqueness.
Customers who come to us in search of live edge slabs are exceptionally fond of the sustainably harvested and unprocessed natural edge slabs from the tree’s heart.
On the other hand, straight edge slabs are a product of skilled engineering of the wood board. While a live edge slab is curvy and accentuates itself along the line, a straight edge slab is as its name suggests, smoothly finished straight edges on the sides. Rough lumber can come in about any shape and condition and it is very rare to find naturally occurring straight edges. There are ways to tame rugged-edge boards. One typical method requires a simple straight-line jig which can be used repetitively to mill a whole stack of lumber.
At Wooderra, the formula of live edge slabs and straight edge slabs include nature beauty, craftmanship, simplicity, and intricacy.

2. What is the manufacturing process of live edge slabs?

An interesting technique unknown to the public is the intentional cutting that leaves in deformations on a wood piece. Harvesters of live edge wood explain this technique saves the wood from the scarp pile and simultaneously makes use of the tree more, making it a sustainable product, made in a sustainable fashion. When the saw starts cutting through the entire tree, live edge wood and normal boards are kept separated from one another.
More specifically in table manufacturing, firstly, perfectly 2-3 straight edges may be cut using a circular saw. Next, the manufacturers may leave the curves for the other edges of the board. Corner pieces may have two straight edges and a third side with a bark-edge curve may be detected.
What’s more, pure live edge slabs do not contain any kind of finishing of the bare wood surface. Depending on particular requests, live edge slabs might be stained to match a color scheme, keep bugs at bay, and preserve the natural wood fibers.

3. What kind of projects can wood slabs be used for?

Live-edge slabs are used for rustic style houses, log cabins, and in recent times, business interiors which are trendy, yet classy.
Traditional farm houses can take advantage of live edge slabs for picture frames, bed posts, mirrors; while straight edge slabs are used for suspended floating kitchen shelves, and everyday furniture.
The flexibility goes further in log cabin design, as live edge slabs and straight edge slabs can be incorporated in building ceiling fan blades, dressers, door frames, and so on.
Contemporary trends in business interiors are incorporating elegant simplicity by using live edge slabs for conference tables, countertops, coffee tables, bar stools, and even office furniture.
There are many custom installations and design/build products where the structural and aesthetical strength of live edge slabs and straight edge slabs can flourish.

• Wall art

• Kitchen islands

• Nightstands

• Gathering tables

• Coffee tables

• Desk tops

• Conference tables

• Bar tops

• Dining room tables

• Bathroom and kitchen slabs

• Bedroom sets

• Suspended floating kitchen shelves

4. Types of wood

What makes outstanding is that the salvaged wood that. At Wooderra, our artisans source our wood slabs from submerged tropical hardwoodreclaimed from fresh water lakes in Central and South America. Through ethical harvesting methods, we salvage these exotic tropical hardwoods from standing forests submerged decades ago, which come to life in the spirit of resource preservation. Our underwater wood products cannot be duplicated as each slab communicates a distinctive beauty of its own. In essence, salvaged wood slabs are the rediscovery of nature’s design.
The following are some of the species available:

• Teak/ Teca wood slabs

• Quira/ Kira wood slabs

• Zapatero wood slabs

• Amargo Amargo/ Bitterwood wood slabs

• Balsamo/ Santos Mahogany wood slabs

• Zorro/ Tigerwood wood slabs

• Brazilian Cumaru/ Brazilian Teak wood slabs

• Amarillo wood slabs

• Espave/ Espavel wood slabs

And more!

Wooderra offers wood slabs in both natural edge or straight edge, in multiple length, width, and thickness. Let our craftmanship help you achieve the design of uniqueness you want.

Refined Luxury Ranch Cabin Decor and Furniture

July 17, 2019


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These rustic refined luxury ranch homes in Montana are stylishly designed with elements of Mother Nature. The chic log cabins embrace their rustic natural surroundings creating a holistic and relaxing ambiance. Decorative elements like antique arches in teak woods handmade in the old artisan style and wood paneling made from recycled woods, are used to upgrade cabin style.

Incorporate the natural beauty of Indo Spanish vintage doors studded with iron nails and old world architectural design of the outdoors, into interiors, seamlessly blending huge teak wood veranda gates and solid carved wood columns with rough timber walls and natural wood ceilings, and arched windows. Enjoy rustic sophistication in the secluded mountains of Utah.

The cozy warmth of a log cabin designed with magnificent cusped arches has a very dramatic feel. The plank floors, an Anglo Indian carved wood railing, peeled patina rustic door cabinets lend a vintage sophistication to the entrance, which leads to the living room in the gorgeous Colorado Ranch Cabin. A tribal Indian Manjoosh or kitchen chest with iron cladded door and carved horse heads is enchanting in its earthy red patina. A Buddha bust sits atop with mala beads in amethyst and Lapiz Lazuli reminding you to take some time out for meditation and self improvement.

Using reclaimed woods and natural distressed handmade furniture we are being environmental conscious, opting for recycled materials through out the Idaho lodge. The holistic renovation retained the original logs and also salvaged dying trees on the farm for posts, the wood floors and panelled walls. Rustic and eclectic vintage trunks studded with iron nails and straps gives the grounding element to the living room removing harmful ions and making the energy positive.

The 5,000-square-foot log house on Long Island, New York, features an antique Indian double door with iron horse shoes and an elaborate header carved with fishes and peacocks. The triple arch veranda encases the bay windows, rustic old world architectural design at its best. The hand loom cotton throws are used to upholster the plush sofas. Printed by hand in vegetable dyes they are totally in sync with Nature and have a minimal carbon footprint. Hand Woven cotton textiles are good for Mother Earth, our climate and are all natural. The bathroom vanity is repurposed from a console that is made from salvaged doors. Reclaimed old woods add to the rustic beauty of the decadent cabin, merging luxury with conscious design.

The Top 5 Designer Arm Chairs You Need Now

If you’ve ever felt like there is a room in your home that isn’t quite ‘finished’, perhaps you need to think about adding an armchair. Whatever your style there are an abundance of designer armchairs for the living room and bedroom that could be the perfect final piece you’ve been searching for.

1. 637 Utrecht Armchair | CASSINA

Not only is this armchair a beautiful piece, it’s incredibly comfortable and is such a standout it needs little else around it to look striking. It’s absolutely the designer armchair you’d want to buy to achieve both comfort and style.

The Utrecht armchair was one of only a few of Rietveld’s upholstered designs that were taken into production. It was first sold by Amsterdam manufacturers Metz & Co in 1936, in an edition covered in dark brown canvas and finished with a visible festoon stitch. After the war Metz and Co issued the chair in a felt with the signature distinctive white stitching.

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2. Charlottenborg Chair | SIKA-DESIGN

If you’re looking for a slightly more casual armchair and Scandi style is your way… Sika-Design’s beautiful Charlottenborg chair is absolutely the one for you. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1936 the chair is woven of Manau and Tohiti rattan, and it has comfortable upholstered cushions in a variety of colours.

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3. D.153.1 Armchair | MOLTENI & C

Sometimes, you need a serious piece of furniture to add immense style and glamour to a space. Nothing quite says elegance like velvet and brass. The Brass structure of the D.153.1 Armchair designed by Ponti for Rubelli in 1934 is a designer armchair that raises the glamour in a room. The fabric reinterprets the age-old technique of velvet-weaving, bringing it up to date with contemporary patterns, such as close sequences of staggered disks with various gradations of colour.

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4. Mad Queen Armchair | POLIFORM

Designed by Marcel Wanders this armchair’s moulded seat is characterised by a matelassè finishing: Mad Queen plays on exclusive artisan details that is soft with continuous lines and a reassuring image, defined by a ‘protective body’ and by robust diagonal wooden legs.

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5. Indochine Armchair | CASSINA

We had to include this gorgeous chair in the ‘must have armchair’ list purely because it’s a favourite! Perfect around a dining table (as seen in the stunning Lucas y Hernández-Gil Madrid Apartment this is one little armchair you’ll fall in love with.

Decorating Your Living Room with Neutral Colours

July 17, 2019


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When we say “neutral colours” many people think of it as a boring color scheme, but nothing could be further from the truth. For many individuals when neutral color schemes are mentioned, they immediately think of only beige. First of all, there are hundreds of shades of beige to choose from and there is a lot more to using beige in your living room’s interior design. Think about the way you will combine colors, neutral and otherwise. No matter what color scheme you end up choosing, the key to having a successful living room design is finding the right balance. There are a few simple, but creative strategies that can help you transform your living room into a beautiful space.

White and Dark Neutrals

Who said that all neutrals had to be lighter shades? You most likely think of beige if asked to name a neutral color, but darker hues can be neutral too. Some of the dark neutrals include dark brown, navy blue, some blacks, charcoal, gray and even deep gold. Some of these darker neutral colors work perfectly to bring balance to the living room and can be the perfect choice for sofas or recliners. If you prefer, you can use a dark neutral to anchor your living room by using it on an accent wall, area rug or for window treatments. Offset these with a lighter colored sofa or living room set and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Dark neutral shades are going to look best with lighter neutrals.

Using Monochromatic Neutral Colors

If you’d like to go for a more sophisticated look in the living room while not worrying too much about making everything match perfectly, you might want to try a monochromatic neutral color scheme. Start out with a base color that you prefer and really love. For instance, how about a deep, espresso brown? This is a classy color for living room furniture. Then you are going to use lighter shades of this dark neutral for other room elements. To achieve a balanced look, remember to use shades from both extremes lighter and darker.

Using Neutrals with Splashes of Color

Maybe you’re the type who prefers neutral furniture and walls but want to be able to express a more creative side. You can achieve this goal by using a neutral color as a backdrop and adding in brighter colors. The neutral shades tend to make splashes of colour literally pop visually. To keep this style balanced, you will want to use two or three accent colors max. If you add too many colours in it can become too busy and you’ll lose the effect. Choose neutrals for your furnishings and add in splashes of colours with your accessories like throw pillows, rugs, lampshades or window treatments.